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This widget is defunct since the respective service is no longer available.

You are advised do remove all references to this widget on your wiki followed by deleting the "Widget:GamersTube" page.

GamersTube widget
Description:Allows you to add GamersTube video player.
Author:Niklas Patrick Nordlof

This widget allows you to add GamersTube video player to your wiki page.

It was created by Niklas Patrick Nordlof for Encyclopædia Piratica.

Using this widget

This widget is designed to embed videos and images from Gamers Tube.


  • id — this is the video's id number, we use it to display the thumbnail image. You will see it in the video's URL after the name.
  • key — this is the viewkey you'll find it in the Embeddable Player box. The key will be buried in the code and will look something like viewkey=82cdd408ccd48a00dfea.
  • showImage — this allows you to display a thumbnail image instead of the video (uses the id).
    • href — when showImage is set, href allows you to set the where the thumbnail links to.
  • height — sets the height of the video (does not work when showImage is used).
  • width — sets the width of the video (unlike height, width does work to set the image size).




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