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MediaWiki Widgets Administration guideline

User rights and privileges (Table)

Group Number of members Notes
Users (8,660 Users) All registered users.
Autoconfirmed users -~-Not Available-~- Edit semi-protected pages (autoconfirmed)
Email confirmed users (0 Users) Perform CAPTCHA-triggering actions without having to go through the CAPTCHA (skipcaptcha)
Autochecked users (0 Users) Have one's own edits automatically marked as "checked" (autoreview)
Editors (2 Users) Mark revisions as being "checked" (review) on the list of unreviewed pages (unreviewedpages)
Reviewers (1 User) Mark revisions as being "checked" (review) and "quality" (validate) on the list of unreviewed pages (unreviewedpages)
Bots (0 Users) Be treated as an automated process (bot)
Widget Editors (10 Users) Create and edit widgets in the Widget namespace (editwidgets)
Administrators (8 Users) Pretty much the top of the user group food chain. Only user group with theoretically more power is the Bureaucrat group.
Bureaucrats (4 Users) Sets user groups for everyone requesting promotion or requiring demotion.

Widget Editors


Administrator duties

Administrators are encouraged (but not required) to do the following;

  • Edit patrols on a regular-basis
  • Ban spambots and revert their edits.
  • Protect/un-protect pages when appropriate.
  • Finding and deleting unnecessary pages (Special:UncategorizedPages helps)
    • Note unnecessary pages are mostly just certain misspellings (Common ones may be useful to improve searches), spam and non-game related content. Not short/unfinished pages you deem unimportant. Short pages should be tagged with help improve, or redirected to a more complete related page. Also use the "What links here" tool to verify a page is not in use, and clear the links to it before you delete it if you are sure it's unnecessary.
  • Fixing Double-redirects time to time (Special:DoubleRedirects)