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Html5media widget
Description:Allows you to add a HTML5 Media player for video files.
Updated:December 4, 2016
If you use code on your wiki which is older than this date you may want to update since your widget may be insecure or broken.
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To copy this widget to your wiki, cut and paste the entire source of the Html5media widget code page into a page called Widget:Html5media on your wiki.

If you don't have the Widget extension set up on your wiki, go to its description page on and follow the installation instructions.

This widget allows you to add HTML5 Video Media to your wiki page. For audio files see the Html5mediaAudio page.

To insert this widget, use the following code:



  • url - URL of the video
  • width, height - dimensions (optional, 425x355 default)

Sample result

Related tip

The Video template used together with the Html5media widget helps to avoid adding the full URL of a locally uploaded file to the widget's "url" parameter by rather just specifying the name of the uploaded file. → See the Video template for further information.


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