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MediaWiki Widgets

Community Portal

From MediaWiki Widgets is a community of Widgeteers who want to improve their wikis with rich functionality of widgets. To learn more about the community, get news of the site and security updates, and to ask questions, please register MediaWiki Widgets Google group: mediawiki-widgets

Widget users

If you'd like to just use a widget on your wiki, first you need to install the Widgets extension. Once it's installed, just pick the widget you like and simply copy it to your wiki. Voilà, you and your users can start using the widget! It can also be helpful to add widgets you use to your watch list - this way you'll know when they are updates.

Making sure you got latest version

One important thing to do when you install widgets to your site is to make sure you have the latest version. Widgets get security fixes, functionality fixes or even get updated by widget providers so it is important to have the latest code.

The easiest way to get updates is to add the widget page to your watchlist. To do so, you need to get registered on this wiki, confirm your email address (only used by the system to remind passwords and send watchlist reminders) and then click on "watch" tab at the bottom of the widget page. This is a very useful feature provided by MediaWiki.

Widget authors

If you have already built a MediaWiki Widget and want to share it with others or you are a widget author and want to create MediaWiki widget for it or if you just have an idea for a widget and want it created, we'll be happy to host it on this site for others to use! You can start by reading the page about adding your widget.

Widget bugs and security

If you find a security bug or just plain functionality bug, please post it to the group: mediawiki-widgets or just to the talk page. If you're a widget editor, please make sure you follow security instructions when editing the widget code.