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This widget allows you to embed a Scalable Vector Graphics image (img tag using inline markup encoded for data url scheme) on your wiki page.

Written by DSquirrelGM.

Copy to your site

To use this widget on your site, just install MediaWiki Widgets extension and copy the full source code of this page to your wiki as page Widget:SVG.


Refer to the SVG specification for the use of these attributes: id, class, style, width, height, viewBox, preserveAspectRatio, x, y, version

id standard unique identifier attribute (defaults to an alphanumeric value based on length of content)
class standard class attribute
style standard style attribute
width horizontal image size 100%
height vertical image size 100%
version specification version 1.1
x horizontal origin (ignored on top level element) 0
y vertical origin (ignored on top level element) 0
preserveAspectRatio Aspect ratio adjustment xMidYMid meet
viewBox viewport extents 0 0 100% 100%
content SVG markup to be embedded
url (set a value to use url() scheme instead of img tag)