Adding your widget

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Please create a Widget description page for your widget providing information for the catalog. It will not be copied to other sites and only be used on the MediaWiki Widgets website.

Initially new widgets get added to the "ProtoWidget" namespace to make sure new widgets go through a security check before they get published. As soon as this check is done the widget will be moved to the regular "Widget" namespace. Go ahead, create a Widget page - once one of reviewers looks at it and approves it, it will appear in the Sample Result section on the description page.

Note that you will need a user account on this wiki to be able to do this.

Creating widgets

Add widget description page


Add widget code page

Simply use this form to create a code page - it will be reviewed for security by widget reviewers and when approved, it'll be moved to the widget code page (please do not forget Sample result section).


Replace dashes in <--noinclude></noinclude--> and <--includeonly></includeonly--> sections and add appropriate code!

Widget reviewers

There are several widget reviewers that have a task of reviewing the security of the widget to make sure it will not harm this or other sites using the widget, they are monitoring all the widget requests and will be creating and editing Widget namespace.