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This widget is defunct since the respective service is no longer available.

You are advised do remove all references to this widget on your wiki followed by deleting the "Widget:Google Gadget" page.

Google Gadget widget
Author:Sergey Chernyshev
Provider:Google Gadgets

This widget allows you to add Google Gadgets to your wiki page.

See Examples below.


To get the parameters, click "Add to your webpage" button on a gadget page and configure gadget settings (on the right side of the wizard), then click on the "Get the code" button.

There are a few parameters you should copy from the code generated by the configuration wizard.

  • url - (required) copy everything after the "?url=" up till "&synd=open" (widget url itself and all up_* url parameters).
  • title - title of the gadget
  • width - widget width (300 is default)
  • height - widget height (265 is default)

Sample result

Daylight Map

To insert this widget, use the following code:

{{#widget:Google Gadget

Google Custom Search

To insert this widget, use the following code:

{{#widget:Google Gadget
|title=Public Domain Search


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